Handcuffing Tactics™ 4-Hr Basic Course Outline

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Handcuffing Tactics™

In today’s society, law enforcement, security, corrections, military and protective services agencies realize that handcuffing tactics strategies and techniques are essential for protecting themselves, aggressors, and the public that they serve. These agencies also understand that mitigating liability begins with proper training and education in handcuffing tactics strategies and techniques. The Handcuffing Tactics™ training program is designed for public safety officers to reduce the potential of injury and liability risk when lawfully restraining and controlling an aggressive subject. The tactics and techniques in this training curriculum are for incidents where the public safety officer is lawful and justified in applying a restraining device (handcuffs) to an subject.

  • All participants will receive the book Handcuffing Tactics™ Student Manual, Tactical Handcuff Key and a Certificate of completion.

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Handcuffing Tactics™ 4hr Basic Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Handcuffing Tactics™
  • The First Rule of Training = Safety
  • Modular Based Training
  • Modules and Objectives
Module One
Defensive Tactics Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals
  • The Bladed Stance
  • Defensive Movement (Forward Shuffle)
  • Defensive Movement (Rear Shuffle)
  • Defensive Movement (Side to Side Shuffle)
  • Forward and Rear Pivoting
  • Defensive Verbalization
  • The Art of Distraction
  • Escape Strategies
  • Reactionary Gap
  • Hand Positions
Module Two
Handcuffing Nomenclature
  • Handcuffing Nomenclature
  • Chain, Hinged and Plastic Handcuffs
  • Rigid and Oversized Handcuffs
  • Care & Maintenance of Handcuffs
  • Handcuff Keys and Handcuff Holders
  • Loading Your Handcuffs
  • Handcuffing Stances
Module Three
Proper Placement, Fit & Position
  • Handcuff Wrist Placement
  • Position of Hands
  • Check for Proper Fit and Wrist Placement
  • Always Double Lock Handcuffs
Module Four
Handcuffing Positioning and Approach
  • Standing Subject Positioning
  • Kneeling Subject Positioning
  • Prone Subject Positioning
Module Five
Standing Handcuffing
  • Standing Handcuffing Technique (part 1)
  • Standing Handcuffing Technique (part 2)
  • Two Person Escort for Handcuffed Subject
  • One Person Escort for Handcuffed Subject
  • Removing Handcuffs
Module Six
Kneeling Handcuffing
  • Kneeling Handcuffing Technique (part 1)
  • Kneeling Handcuffing Technique (part 2)
Module Seven
Prone Handcuffing
  • Prone Handcuffing Technique (part 1)
  • Prone Handcuffing Technique (part 2)
  • Prone Handcuffing Technique (part 3)
  • Standing the Prone Handcuffed Subject (part 1)
  • Standing the Prone Handcuffed Subject (part 2)
Module Eight
Arm Bar Take-Down (Optional)
  • Arm Bar Take-Down (part 1)
  • Arm Bar Take-Down (part 2)
  • Prone Control Positions
  • Positional Asphyxia
Module Nine
Handcuffing Tips & Warnings
  • Handcuffing Tips & Warnings
  • YOUR policies and procedures
Module TenPost Incident Response & Documentation
  • Post Incident Response
  • Post Incident Documentation
  • Elements of Reporting Force
  • Use of Force Awareness
Reference Guide and Bibliography