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Documentation of Security incidents is absolutely critical to your agencies ability to track and trend, reduce liability and share vital information. If you’re like most agencies, YOU know that proper, structured, effective and reliable reports save time, money and allow you to track incidents and reduce liability risk. The old saying holds true today, just like it did years ago – “if its not in black and white, it didn’t happen”.

A training program that teaches officers how to effectively and intelligently write security incident reports.

In the SIRS™ training program you will learn how to:

  • Create a descriptive narrative
  • Keep your report structured
  • More effectively utilize your observations skills
  • Understand the key elements of report writing
  • Understand why WWWWWH is rule #1 in report writing
  • Write an effective report utilizing all witnesses
  • Use 1st and 3rd person descriptions
  • Post follow-up (track and trend)
  • Use the journalistic approach
  • Follow standard operating procedures
  • More effectively use your report writing data base
  • Summarize what witness(s) said
  • Put it all together with your own unique writing style
  • and much-much more…
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We offer two types of SIRS™ courses:

In this very interactive session, participants will learn how to write effective, descriptive security incident reports. The SIRS™ training doesn’t just discuss how to write reports, it has officers WRITE reports. This course is engaging and interactive. The 4hr Advanced course involves a more in-depth version of the SIRS™ Training as compared to the 2-hr basic training. The participants are engaged in interactive writing exercises and scenarios that will increase their retention and application. – All participants will receive a workbook and certificate.
The trainer’s course will allow the attendee to train staff in writing techniques, report structuring and elements of report writing. This course utilizes a journalistic approach for effective and efficient security incident reports.

This one day trainer’s course involves Security Incident Report Modules – with proven instructional techniques to enhance learning and retention of the material taught.

– All participants receive a trainer’s manual, PowerPoint CD, student workbook, trainer’s certificate and continuous support.

Some additional information you may need to know…

  • In additional to course fees, the only other costs for on-site training are the expenses of having our instructor-trainer come to you: flight, hotel, rental car, food costs and parking costs.
  • You will need a large training room (carpeted if curriculum involves hands-on training), an LCD projector and refreshments for participants (coffee, water etc…)
  • We are a net 30 receivable company. You can book a course online by paying a deposit and we can invoice you for the remaining amount which you can pay by check, credit card, or purchase order.
  • If you don’t see something that fits, contact us for a proposal!

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SIRS™ 2-Hr Basic

  • Basic Report Writing Certification
  • Training for up to 20 individuals
  • Includes workbook and certificate
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SIRS™ 4-Hr Advanced

  • Advanced Report Writing Certification
  • Training for up to 20 individuals
  • Includes workbook and certificate
  • View Full Course Outline

SIRS™ 1-Day Instructor Certification

  • Instructor Report Writing Certification
  • Minimum of 6 required
  • Includes workbook
  • PowerPoint CD
  • Trainer’s manual
  • Trainer’s certificate
  • Continuous support
  • View Full Course Outline