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Personal Safety Training Inc.
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 27 reviews
by William Moore on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Security Specialist

Mr. Fowler and his team have given me tools that not only stretch throughout my workplace, but at home as well. Having been a former Police Officer and current Armed Security Officer, I was able to be trained and see things from the average citizen perspective and how to survive various attacks, including an active shooter. Now I get the chance to train my staff and my family on how to survive too. Hands down, the best training I've received since the police academy.

by Harving Parra on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Workplace Violence Program Manager

I was initially scepticle about the training. Being a former Police Officer, I’ve received numerous trainings centered in de-escalation and defensive tactics. Simply put, by far the most complete workplace violence prevention program out there. David and his team provide the necessary tools to make anyone a successful trainer. AVADE addresses every aspect of California’s WPV requirements. I would highly recommend this training for any corporate business or healthcare facility.

by Kris Machingo RN, BSN, CCRN, RDMS on Personal Safety Training Inc.

An amazing class for those who are advanced in their practice or for the beginner! I recently attended an instructor course taught by David and his awesome team, which allowed me to advance my own personal practice in workplace violence awareness, interpersonal communication and self-defense. Just prior to the holiday season, I was confident with what I had been taught in my new instructor role to begin teaching many of my peers de-escalation and self-defense techniques. I wanted to thank David and his team for giving me the tools I needed to make a positive difference in the lives of those I care for at work and at home.

by Mark Avery on Personal Safety Training Inc.
Director, Security

David and his colleagues are extremely professional, knowledgeable and passionate about their training programs. I came away from the Instructor program both motivated and confident that AVADE training will be a vital part of our workplace violence prevention program and make staff feel empowered both on and off the job!

by Michael Stokes, CHSS, Florida Hospital Tampa on Personal Safety Training Inc.
AVADE Advanced Instructor Training

AVADE is a spectacular program that the entire workforce should be taught. David's communication and teachings are top notch. Very fun, informative and memorable experience. The AVADE Instructors Training class gets you excited to teach and pass on to your staff everything that you have learned to keep them and yourself safe and out of harms way. I can't wait for the next class!

by Santiago Chambers on Personal Safety Training Inc.

Dave Fowler and Mark Mooring are the best in the industry when it comes to workplace violence, active shooter and healthcare defense tactics. The training is comprehensive, but personal; relevant to the ever-changing healthcare environment. We are empowered to be safe and secure with AVADE and HDTS training.

by Ryann Gestopa, RN, BSN on Personal Safety Training Inc.
AVADE Advanced Instructor Training

AVADE is an eye-opener. I could not stop raving about the 3 day seminar I had with David. Aside from being an excellent communicator, David's program was very well-organized and systematic. Workplace violence is prevalent, and could happen to anyone anywhere. AVADE's training helps us prepare for such occurence. I could not wait to impart the knowledge and wisdom gained from these classes to our employees, and my family members as well.

by Michelle LaMarr, MA, BSN, RN on Personal Safety Training Inc.
AVADE Advanced Instructor Training

This training by the Fowlers is the perfect approach for increasing awareness and response development in the workplace and lifeplace. This has absolutely changed my perspective and increased my situational awareness in every area of my life. This training has also helped me to help others with early recognition of potential violence and even potential scams. I look forward to training others in the hospital as we face increasing violence in the healthcare workplace as well as being vigilant in all areas of my life.

by Mike Grimaldo- St. Joseph's on Personal Safety Training Inc.
AVADE Advanced instructor training

Hands down the best program I have been through! The Fowler's' knowledge and teaching are top notch. I have even found that I can implement the tools I've learned in my daily life, not just in the workplace. Going through AVADE Training has honestly changed the outcome of "incidents" that occur in my day to day dealings. If you apply yourself with an open mind during this course, it will change you, and you will have more outcomes going your way in and outside of the workplace.

by Chuck Wade on Personal Safety Training Inc.
David's Books

Dear Trainer, administrator, instructor, student and professional security specialist. Once again, Dave Fowler has provided professional security training materials that are easy-to-read, succinct, professional and right on target to the needs of the security professional whether armed or unarmed. Please know that with every printed word, Dave has you back and your best interests. Here is to your success.
Sincerely yours,
Chuck Wade
Security Professional (Ret.)*


*Chuck Wade is a former Senior Project Manager for Armed/Unarmed Security Services for the City of Portland; Security Operations Manager for a major Northwest Security firm, Peace Officer and the co-developer and Assistant Director of one of the first successful private criminal justice agencies in the Northwest.

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