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AVADE® Workplace Violence Prevention Training
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 35 reviews
 by Sarah
Great Tips for De-escalation

I found the behaviors of de-escalation, as well as the tips on how to handle an aggressive person over the phone to be very helpful. Definitely things that I will be incorporating into my workflow!

 by Kelly R
Best Violence Prevention Class

TOP NOTCH LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE: The AWARENESS that David Fowler has provided, and the tools that he has given us to DEFEND ourselves are invaluable.

His instructor class was an experience that has changed the way I think and will change the way I act. He has even taught us how to educate AVADE methods so we can we can be successful educators in our jouney.

David is a mentor that leads by example. Thank you David !

 by Allison L. Cochran
The Real Deal

AVADE Training - 5 Star Review

I would highly recommend the AVADE training to any business owner. I had the most incredible experience.

Drew M. Dixon-Vestal and Denis J O’Sullivan were the AVADE instructors. They were both phenomenal. I had the most amazing experience. I concluded the 2 day training feeling self-confident furthermore protected with a clear understanding on how to defend myself. The instructors Drew and Denis made the entire class interesting and fun to keep us focused. They also made me laugh, I felt so good after each class and still feel just as good today. They spent time with me making sure I perfected every technique.

These guys are the real deal. They got my vote and my attention!

Allison L. Cochran, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

 by Jeremie Trujillo
Amazing Course

Amazing course to attend! As I am always learning something new, while they are always improving their training courses. I believe in their programs because it has helped our Security Officers, Managers, and Clients to mitigate liability risks across the board. I love their online system and instructor portals to make things more streamlined for PowerPoint, videos, and documentation procedures. I look forward to what additional changes they will continue to make with their programs. Keep up the great work AVADE!

 by Jacob Milliron
Highly Recommend

I've had the honor of being a PSTI Defense Baton, Pepper Spray Defense and a Handcuffing Instructor for the past 10 years. In those 10 years I've been to 9 different courses with Dave Fowler as the instructor. Dave's classes are always fun, engaging and informative. I always seemed to learn something new, even if I was attending to be recertified.

With Dave's training I've been able to certify hundreds of Officers between my agency and our sister agency to ensure vigilance and safety among our staff and community. I've also been able to share the information and training I've learned with my wife and son to keep them prepared, confident and safe.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who is seeking the ability to maintain safety withing their home and professional lives.

 by Jeremie Trujillo

The AVADE Programs, and development of the many additions have been truly amazing. I know it definitely helps us to build our training programs more effectively and efficiently for our security officers. I'm always amazed every time that I attend the AVADE courses. Dave Fowler's team within Personal Safety Training Inc., have definitely set the bar high in regard to violence prevention. You can see their love, passion, knowledge and willingness to give and share all of their information with everyone.

Not only can this training be effective for our officers, but it can also be utilized in their home lives as well.

 by Timothy Williams
Instructor Course

Over this past week I was able to become more aware of my surroundings and my vigilance for Workplace Violence/Active shooter, for the healthcare clinic that I work for. I really was impressed by Dave's professionalism/knowledge with all the topics, and how he made us aware throughout all of the teaching. PTSD was a consideration of the training, and he told us that we may need to let him know of any triggers. He stated the importance of, and taught on debriefing that can be impactful with the many topics covered. I just love the way times have changed, and Dave's training courses have as well. He is a solid person and caring man. I would recommend his courses to everyone that needs them for there agency.

 by Jeff Macht
Best Training Available

I attended the AVADE instructor class and David Fowler was the teacher. It was thorough, helpful and very instructive. Even at my age, I feel so much better prepared to not only teach the material, but to be more prepared should I face a crisis. I was a teacher and Principal for 25 years and I found David to be a fantastic teacher. He made the material relevant and pertinent. He makes each student feel that each principle and skill taught will work and gives confidence that anyone can use them with the training he provides. I am very grateful I was able to learn at the feet of the master.

 by William Moore
Security Specialist

Mr. Fowler and his team have given me tools that not only stretch throughout my workplace, but at home as well. Having been a former Police Officer and current Armed Security Officer, I was able to be trained and see things from the average citizen perspective and how to survive various attacks, including an active shooter. Now I get the chance to train my staff and my family on how to survive too. Hands down, the best training I've received since the police academy.

 by Harving Parra
Workplace Violence Program Manager

I was initially scepticle about the training. Being a former Police Officer, I’ve received numerous trainings centered in de-escalation and defensive tactics. Simply put, by far the most complete workplace violence prevention program out there. David and his team provide the necessary tools to make anyone a successful trainer. AVADE addresses every aspect of California’s WPV requirements. I would highly recommend this training for any corporate business or healthcare facility.

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