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AVADE® Workplace Violence Prevention Training
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 47 reviews
 by Tommy Coley
Best Course Ever

David thanks to you and Genelle, during my morning meeting with department heads I was able to share my experience of your class, it was a great one . I’ve been a public servant since 1986 and an instructor since 1991. Being able to share the knowledge and skills learned this past weekend is life changing for me. I truly believe the AVADE course will change lives and save them in the process. My daughter is 19 has been working in the ER, now a 2nd semester RN student. Guess who I’m teaching first?

 by Charles Roode

AVADE, WPV. The advanced Instructor course was fantastic. David Lemay, what an amazing master instructor, the way he presented the information and kept your attention was outstanding. He made sure to cover all major principles of learning. The information this course provides is exponentially valuable in our current world and workplaces. I strongly suggest this program to every workplace. Thank you.

 by Shannon W.
Fantastic Training!

Our company just has just gone through the train the trainer program with David Lemay (AVADE). While working in healthcare we are constantly exposed to situations that can put us in vulnerable positions. The de escalation and defensive techniques taught in this class, which we can in turn teach our employees, are invaluable. Not only does it lead to increased confidence but increases safety for all. David L. was a wonderful master trainer and I would highly recommended AVADE to anyone who is thinking of this program for your organization!!!

 by Erik Vasquez
Totally Worth It!

By far, AVADE® is the most detailed, safety-oriented training any department, agency, or corporate organization could put in place for their staff/officers. From de-escalation to defensive tactics, I firmly believe these topics should be mandatory if you are in the law enforcement or private security fields!

 by Larry Ford

Wonderful training! I have been to numerous arrest control / defensive tactics classes. This class was at the top. The movements flowed from one level to the next, and there were not a lot of wasted movements. David Fowler is a super instructor. My area is hospital security, and I highly encourage any Security Departments looking for Defensive Tactics training to take this course.

 by Rupert M McAllister
Evade Instructor Course

This is the best and most fun loving class that I have attended in a very long time. The instructor David Lemay is the best. I definitely learned a lot from attending this class. I will highly recommend this training to others as well.

 by Kevon Johnson
True value

I have taken this course on two separate occasions. I enjoyed the training even more the second time. It is clear that David has made this his life's work and exudes a confidence in this training's ability to keep people safe.

 by Dyke Marble
Director of Operation

I am now a believer in the AVADE system. And like with most experiences, the person presenting the training made all the difference in the world. Cosmo did a masterful job training all of us! I will recommend AVADE to all my contacts.

 by Nick S.
Great training.

The AVADE training is detailed, though quick to uptake. Logical de-escalation techniques, in addition to practical defense skills to be used as a last resort. I'm very glad my hospital chose AVADE over the previous training.

 by Joey Hunter
You can't go wrong with Avade

"Since changing over from CPI to AVADE we have seen more awareness with our hospital associates and less injuries. AVADE is the premier training to teach your staff awareness and how to affectively respond to someone who may be irate or agitated. The best training for workplace violence prevention out there!"

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