Pepper Spray Defense™


Increase Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills

PSTI’s Pepper Spray Defense™ provides training and education that is designed to empower officers, increase awareness, knowledge and skills in OC aerosol sprays, techniques, and defensive tactics strategies.


Prevent and reduce injuries to staff


Reduce liability risk and unnecessary media attention


Comply with state and federal guidelines


Mitigate risk by training your staff to respond to emergent and threatening situations


Empower your security staff and create a culture of safety

PSTI’s training programs are nationally recognized, court defensible, and meet regulatory compliance for the prevention of workplace violence.

Pepper Spray Defense™ training is a is a perfect fit for: Contract Security, Corporate Security, Healthcare Security, Casinos/Gaming, Tribal Entities, Energy Corp’s, Schools & Education, Entertainment/Media, Arena Venues, and more.

Training Options to Meet Your Needs

Pepper Spray Defense™ training options:
Pepper Spray Defense™ 4 hr. Certification

$1,997.00 per course

Class Type:
Class room & mostly hands-on
Pepper Spray Defense™ 1-Day Certification

$2,997.00 per course

Class Type:
Class room & mostly hands-on
Pepper Spray Defense™ Course Instructor


Class Duration:
1 Day • Cost is per person

The PSTI safety training programs meet the requirements of State and Federal guidelines and The Joint Commission regulatory compliance for maintaining a Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program.  PSTI training involves scenario-based exercises, group interaction, discussion, lecture, and hands-on techniques. PSTI training is modular based and can be adapted into a variety of scheduling and training dynamics.

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We offer courses aimed at:

  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Security
  • Gaming
  • Church Agencies

We can tailor our programs to you. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.

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