AVADE® Home Health Care Instructor Manual



Healthcare workers are more likely to be victimized by Workplace Violence than any other industry. 
• Healthcare leads all other sectors in incidence of non-fatal assaults. 
• Nearly 4x greater than all other sectors. 
Whereas crime and violence in healthcare is increasing, a healthcare organization’s overall plan should include strategies to prevent and mitigate the risk of violence to home health care workers. The AVADE® Home Health Care Instructor Manual is a practical, insightful  training guide which provides informative, proactive prevention strategies and  defensive interventions that can help you escape aggressive situations and even save your life. 

In this book you will learn how to: 

• Identify escalating risk factors 
• Understand trauma informed care 
• Recognize emergent situations before they turn violent 
• Communicate and de-escalate effectively with upset individuals 
• Deal with an agitated or dangerous individual 
• Escape and survive a workplace violence incident 
• Respond appropriately to a threatening situation 
• Use the art-of-distraction to give you time to escape danger 
• Manage stressful situations in the workplace environment 
• Create life-place and workplace personal safety habits 
• Survive an active shooter situation 

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