Safety Oriented Customer Service™


Increase Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills

If you’re like most businesses you realize the need for customer service excellence. The market place is becoming more challenging every day and consumers have many choices. Extraordinary customer service is what sets you apart from the competition. It is the process, the skills and the actions that create customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

You can reduce and eliminate customer complaints with customer service training, utilizing our techniques.

With all the choices available for today’s client/consumer, you want them to choose you based on the extraordinary customer service they receive from your staff.  Set yourself apart from the competition by providing the best customer service training available for your staff today.


SOCS® Training goes beyond the quick fix “smile and be happy” typical customer service programs. It teaches staff how to identify great customer service and provide it without having to think about it. Creating habits, skills and taking action for great customer service is the backbone of the SOCS® program.


SOCS® Training is the only customer service training program which focuses on empowering individuals through personal self-improvement techniques and actions.

PSTI’s Training programs are nationally recognized, court defensible, and meet regulatory compliance for the prevention of workplace violence.

SOCS® (Safety Oriented Customer Service™) Training is a is a perfect fit for: Contract Security, Corporate Security, Healthcare, Casinos/Gaming, Tribal Entities, Energy Corp’s, Schools & Education, Entertainment/Media, Arena Venues, and more.

SOCS® Training Information
SOCS® Course Objectives
  • Teach habits, skills and actions for providing exceptional customer service.
  • Enhance performance, morale and attitude while embracing the dynamics of workplace change.
  • Provide the most effective techniques and strategies for adult learning.
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty through synergistic team work and leadership.
  • Reduce and eliminate customer complaints and dissatisfaction by proactively increasing communication skills on all levels.
  • Empowering individuals by increasing their ability to respond to customer service needs and behaviors.
SOCS® is Divided into Ten Interactive Training Modules
  • Your Attitude
  • Your Presence
  • Choice & Mission
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Electronic Communication Skills
  • Managing Your Stress
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Your Safety
  • Personal Self-Leadership
Benefits of SOCS® Training
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Marketplace Recognition
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Staff Morale
  • Officer Recognition
  • Increased Staff Confidence

Training Options to Meet Your Needs

Safety Oriented Customer Service™ Training Options:
SOCS® 4-Hour Course

$1,997.00 per course

Class Type:
Class room

SOCS® 1-Day Course

$2,997.00 per course

Class Type:
Class room

SOCS® 1-Day Instructor Course


Class Duration:
1 Day

The PSTI safety training programs meet the requirements of State and Federal guidelines and The Joint Commission regulatory compliance for maintaining a Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program.  PSTI training involves scenario-based exercises, group interaction, discussion, lecture, and hands-on techniques. PSTI training is modular based and can be adapted into a variety of scheduling and training dynamics.

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